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Under the Tree

The News!

Family Tree. For many years the family tree compiled by Nigel Knight was available on line. However, this resource has finally vanished. The only copy I know of Nigel's work is now available Here . Any comments and suggestions will be welcomed. However, I do not have the raw data files and cannot therefore make additions or changes.

New Website: We are proud to introduce our new website Animated Napkins by Grog. We have applied the successful animation technique that we employed for Animated Knots by Grog. Whether you are hosting a wedding, planning a formal dinner, or just arranging a casual lunch, you will learn your chosen method easily Here.

Peru, Ecuador, and Galapagos Islands. Anthea and I have just returned from a wonderful vacation in the Galapagos Islands with Jim and Christine Watson and Ann Kendell.

Sally and Jay are parents again. We are delighted to welcome our eighth grandchild, Anderton, born on February 7th 2007. He's had a challenging life so far - in intensive care and requiring major surgery.

New Business: Grog, David, and Martin have started a small business selling a CD-ROM version of Animated Knots. So far it's going well - the website now ranks first on Google of "Knots".

David has his own Website, where you can download his original games and software and see pictures of his latest "boat" - the Aqua-Skipper.

Martin and Jen. Martin and Jen are enjoying their new home and their baby son Finn, who joined Max and Lilly on May 12th. Do visit their website to see some of their photos.

Ann and Kurt. Drew is eighteen mon ths old - he was born on June 28th 2004. Riley was four in November and Regan will be three in February. They also have a website with some photos.

Family Tree. Despite the sad death of Nigel Knight, his Family Tree still exists.

Our News

Anthea still enjoys doing dentistry at the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic and Grog still enjoys creating websites. Grog had a total hip replacement on May 16th and a total knee replacement on June 13th. Fortunately both were on the left side so he was back to driving very soon. During his recovery he added the climbing and fishing section to the knots website. He also recently redesigned the website for Tiffani Taylor, an artist in Savannah that we both greatly admire.

State Chamber

Animated Knots

In mid 2005 the Animated Knots website exceeded its permitted bandwidth and was given its own domain name. You can now find it at It attracts about 10,000 visitors every day and ranks first on Google for a search for "knots".

Acid Base Balance

The tutorial about acid-base balance was developed originally as a component of the website for the department of anesthesiology of Tulane University School of Medicine. In the aftermath of the Katrina hurricane, a new home had to be found. You can now find it at Acid Base Tutorial. It consistently ranks at or near first on Google for a search for "acid base".

Pictures Plus

We still take a few pictures of our family and vacations - especially when we are all together. The website still has photogaphs; the photographs on this page are randomly selected from our files (click them to get an enlargement). The other sections of the website have become busy, however, and attract many more visitors than family photos ever will.


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