Second Generation

Family of Joseph FLATT (1) & Margret COATES

2. Walter B FLATT. Born in 1838 in Norfolk,England. Walter B died in 570 West Seventh st. Pomona in 1913; he was 75. Buried in Todd Paterson Chapel. Occupation: Farmer.

In 1858 when Walter B was 20, he married Hannah SOULLE, daughter of Sullivan SOULLE & Temperance CROWELL, in Rutland, Wisconsin. Born in 1843 in Waterville ME. Hannah died in Pomona in 1911; she was 68. Buried in San Fernando.

They had the following children:
8 i. Emma Amanda (1858-1934)
9 ii. Wallace N (1861-1922)
10 iii. Hattie Eda (1862-1936)
11 iv. Osca E (1865-1866)
12 v. Charles P (1870-1917)
13 vi. Albert Harry (1872-1933)
14 vii. Winfield Lee (1874-1947)
15 viii. Archie G (1881-1941)

3. John FLATT.

John moved to Gordonsville, Minnesota whic is only 35miles from Mitchell where Walter B was living at the time. He raised a family of boys and his decendants are still found in that area.

4. Hayhow FLATT.

Hayhow married ? WORTLY.

5. Mary FLATT.

Mary married ? GILMAN.

They had the following children:
16 i. Walter
17 ii. Winfield

6. Margaret FLATT.

Margaret was lost in New York probably to white slavers as a child, in the immegration dept after disembarking.

7. William FLATT.

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