Third Generation

Family of Mauritz Kyril Hartog BOAS (2) & Mary Anna Halsted BATTEN

3. John Henry BOAS Capt. Born in 1865. John Henry died in 1935; he was 70. Buried in Kotagiri, Nilgiri Hills, S.India.

Second Marriage to Winifred Quinn. Was captain of a square rigged tea Clipper at the age of 27 having served as a boy 'before the mast'. Won 10,000 pds in the Calcutta Sweep before the first world war and retired to Kotagiri in the Nilgiri Hills in S. India.

John Henry first married ? BROWN.

They had one child:
8 i. Muriel Edith

John Henry second married Winifred Irene QUINN, daughter of Dr Thomas Patrick QUINN & Mary Louisa SWANSEA-FARLEY.

They had the following children:
9 i. Cyril Maurice (1899-)
10 ii. Gwendoline Winifred Courthope (1904-1986)
11 iii. Henry Alan (1906-)
12 iv. Florence Irene (1907-1962)

4. Gustavious Thomas (Jack) BOAS. Born in 1873. Gustavious Thomas (Jack) died in 1936; he was 63.

Left England for the Argentinein his teens.
Reputed to have ridden across Argentina on a horse.
Fought in the Spanish American, Boer War and Russo Japenese war.
Moved to Algecieas in Spain where he built the water works and did some cork farming.
Friendly with the Spanish Monarchy but died before the Spanish Civil war.

Gustavious Thomas (Jack) married Flora Shiela McDONALD.

Met Gustavus on a train from London to Germany where she was travelling to study music in Dresden.

They had the following children:
13 i. Flora (1909-1991)
14 ii. Leslie (Jose) (1912-1988)
15 iii. Kenneth Leslie (-1972)

5. Edward Charles BOAS. Born in 1867.

Edward Charles married Evelyn MURPHY.

They had one child:
16 i. Celsa Avelina

6. Bernard (Bernhard) BOAS. Born in 1861. Bernard (Bernhard) died in Germany in 1907; he was 46.

Bernard (Bernhard) married ? ? (ENGLISH).

They had the following children:
17 i. ?
18 ii. ?

7. Augusta Theresa BOAS. Born in 1863. Augusta Theresa died in 1935; she was 72.

Augusta Theresa married Dr George STOCKEL. Born in 1855. George died in 1923; he was 68. Occupation: lawyer Dresden.

They had the following children:
19 i. Hans
20 ii. Thomas
21 iii. Franz (-1916)
22 iv. Fritz

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