Fifth Generation

Family of John FLATT (8) & Susan NEEVE

15. Susan Eliza FLATT. Born on 23 Nov 1837. Susan Eliza died on 30 May 1901; she was 63.

16. John Henry FLATT. Born on 18 Oct 1839. John Henry died in Jamaica in 1881; he was 41.

17. Ellen Mary FLATT. Born on 6 May 1841. Ellen Mary died on 14 Mar 1908; she was 66.

Ellen Mary married William Harrison HILLMAN.

18. William Thomas FLATT. Born on 4 Dec 1842. William Thomas died on 14 Feb 1857; he was 14. Buried in Canterbury.

19. James Edward FLATT. Born on 2 Mar 1844. James Edward died in 1916; he was 71.

20. Frederic Walter FLATT. Born on 11 Jun 1845 in Saxmundham, Suffolk. Frederic Walter died in 1924; he was 78. Education: Saxmundham and Aldeburgh.

Frederick Walter was born in Saxmundham, Suffolk. His Father Johns occupation at that time was draper. John and his brother William ran a small private business in the town. Educated in Saxmundham & Aldeburgh, he went to London at 17 and was employed by tea merchants in St Pauls Church Yard for 2 years then by insurance underwriters and brokers in Bishiosgate. The family were then living in Lansdown Terrace, London Fields, Hackney.
Health not good, he was advised to take a long sea voyage and left London on 4/3/1866 on the SS Kaikoura. He arrived in Melbourne in May where he went to a theatre for the first time in his life in Sydney 12/5/1866. Much improved in health, he joined the Commercial Banking Co Head office.
He married Eleanor Brush at St Pauls Cleveland, Sydney 22/5/1866 and lived in Mrickville and Ernmore until about 1876 when he was transferred to the south coast, Terrara Mand, later Nowra as manager.

Frederic Walter married Eleanor BRUSH, daughter of John BRUSH & Louisa SMITH, in St Pauls, Cleveland, Sydney. Born in 1847. Eleanor died in 1915; she was 68.

They had the following children:
31 i. Ethel (1870-1927)
32 ii. Walter Brush Neeve (1871-1917)
33 iii. John Neeve (1873-1938)
34 iv. Louisa (1875-1958)
35 v. Arthur (1877-1951)
36 vi. Eleanor Margaret (1879-1964)
37 vii. Susan Morton (1881-1882)
38 viii. Eric Hellyer (1883-1916)
39 ix. Dorothy Alice (1886-1966)

21. Robert Arthur FLATT. Born on 18 Apr 1847. Robert Arthur died in 1925; he was 77.

Robert Arthur married Elizabeth ROWBOTTOM.

They had the following children:
40 i. Arthur William (1886-0019)
41 ii. Harold Walter
42 iii. Dorothy Ellen (1894-1936)

22. Katherine Anne FLATT. Born on 25 Mar 1849. Katherine Anne died in 1926; she was 76.

23. George Neeve FLATT. Born on 8 Apr 1851. George Neeve died in 1919; he was 67.

He was something or other in the City when city gents were ranked by their hats. A top hat was top rank, next, George was a bowler!

George Neeve married Eveline Esme (Ellen) JOHNSTON, daughter of Alexander JOHNSON & Julia Anna JOHNSON. Born in 1862. Eveline Esme (Ellen) died in 1931; she was 69.

They had the following children:
43 i. George Evelyn (1879-1966)
44 ii. Edward Herbert (Bert) (1880-1963)
45 iii. John Alexander (Alec) (1882-1955)
46 iv. Cecil Arthur (1884-1962)
47 v. Eveline Maude (1887-1973)
48 vi. Leslie Neeve (1889-1957)

24. Alice Emma FLATT. Born on 11 Jul 1852. Alice Emma died in 1928; she was 75.

25. Margret Elizabeth FLATT. Born on 23 Mar 1854. Margret Elizabeth died in 1929; she was 74.

Margret Elizabeth married Sydney HELLYER.

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