Sixth Generation (Continued)

Family of George Neeve FLATT (23) & Eveline Esme (Ellen) JOHNSTON

43. George Evelyn FLATT. Born on 20 May 1879. George Evelyn died in Crewekerne on 6 Oct 1966; he was 87.

During the depression in the 20's the family lost all its money in the breweries collapse when public houses couldn't make enough money. He was training to become a Brewer when war broke out.
The annual holidays were taken at Dunwich. They travelled by train to Woodbridge from Wanstead, then to Darsham where a pony and trap would take them on to Dunwich. At this time the last of the seven churches at Dunwich had not yet fallen into the sea.
The 1921 Old World Atlas shows a network of railways with very few places not accessable by train.
There may be a Flatt buried in Yoxford cemetery.
They moved to Hull .

George Evelyn married Virginia (Vene) CUTHBERTSON, daughter of ? CUTHBERTSON & ? ?. Born on 26 Jan 1883.

She watched as much of her Father's money was spent on Lelia a daughter form her Fathers previous marriage (no records) Lelia looked like "the back of a taxicab" but was said to be talented on the piano.
They lived at Runswick, Wanstead in the family home.

They had the following children:
84 i. Lionel (Lyle) Bertram Evelyn (1907-1998)
85 ii. Densis Austen Evelyn (1910-1998)
86 iii. Ivor Cuthbert Evelyn (1913-)
87 iv. George Hedley Evelyn (Bob) (1918-)

44. Edward Herbert (Bert) FLATT. Born on 2 Oct 1880. Edward Herbert (Bert) died in 1963; he was 82.

Bert was one of the floor people for Wittington and Co. on the London Stock Exchange

Edward Herbert (Bert) married Eva Annie NEWMAN, daughter of ? NEWMAN. Born in 1885. Eva Annie died in 1951; she was 66.

They had the following children:
88 i. John Clifford (1913-)
89 ii. Eveline Esme (1915-)
90 iii. Sylvia (1920-)

45. John Alexander (Alec) FLATT. Born on 26 Jan 1882. John Alexander (Alec) died in 1955; he was 72.

He became a senior partner in Richard Ellis & Co. who were the biggest property owning co. in London.

In 1912 when John Alexander (Alec) was 29, he married Mabel Cars (Ginger) MAYES.

She was quite a spark.

They had the following children:
91 i. Derick (Dick) (1914-1998)
92 ii. Patrick (Pat) (1919-)

46. Cecil Arthur FLATT. Born on 27 Aug 1884. Cecil Arthur died in 1962; he was 77.

Cecil was with the Ministry of Agriculture in the Surveyors dept.

Cecil Arthur married Grace HOWARD, in England. Born in 1885 in South Africa. Grace died in 1974; she was 89.

Grace was born in SA and went to school there. Went to England to do a poultry keeping course. They returned to SA an spent many years there and children and grand children lived in Nigeria, Botswana, Uganda and Kenya.

They had the following children:
93 i. Donald Cecil (1912-1962)
94 ii. Hugh Alexander (1917-)
95 iii. John Stuart (1921-)

47. Eveline Maude FLATT. Born on 10 May 1887. Eveline Maude died in 1973; she was 85.

In Jun 1907 when Eveline Maude was 20, she married Eric Walter GROGONO Dr, son of Walter Aitkins GROGONO & Annie Charlotte NICHOLS. Born in 1879. Eric Walter died in 1966; he was 87.

They had the following children:
96 i. Eric Bernard (1909-1999)
97 ii. Keith Leslie (1912-1999)
98 iii. Roy Derek (1914-1929)
99 iv. Noel Desmond (1919-)
100 v. Eveline Beryl (1922-)

48. Leslie Neeve FLATT. Born on 26 Mar 1889. Leslie Neeve died in 1957; he was 67.

Leslie was with the Great Eastern Railway and then went to India where he became chief engineer to the Great Indian Peninsular Railway

Leslie Neeve married Barbara ?.

They had the following children:
101 i. Adrian Eric (1922-)
102 ii. Penelope (1923-)

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