Seventh Generation (Continued)

Family of Cecil Arthur FLATT (46) & Grace HOWARD

93. Donald Cecil FLATT. Born in 1912. Donald Cecil died in 1962; he was 50.

Donald Cecil married Ruth SAFEMASTER. Born in 1912.

They had the following children:
160 i. David (1944-)
161 ii. Elizabeth (1948-)

94. Hugh Alexander FLATT. Born in 1917.

Hugh Alexander married Doris RUTTER.

They had the following children:
162 i. Peter (1945-)
163 ii. Rachel (1947-)

95. John Stuart FLATT. Born in 1921.

John spent 25 years as agriculteral advisor in various countries (Africa, Nepal, Costa Rica) Lived seven years in Nepal in the foothills of the Anapurna Mountains. He st up two agricultural crs. one in west and one in east Nepal initially as resettlement farms for ex Gurka troops between Jan 68 and June 74. Both are now thriving hill farmong cetres under the Nepal govt. John was awarded the OBE in 1974 for his services.

John Stuart married Hazel EDWARDS. Born in 1921.

They had the following children:
164 i. Heather Mary (1946-)
165 ii. Adrian (1947-)
166 iii. Richard (1952-)
167 iv. Graham (1949-)

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