Eighth Generation (Continued)

Family of Frederick Neeve FLATT (67) & Elizabeth ROWE

115. Susan Mary FLATT. Born in 1947.

Susan Mary married Keith JACKSON.

They had the following children:
205 i. Sally (1970-)
206 ii. Simon (1967-)

116. David Fredrick FLATT. Born in 1949.

David Fredrick married Karen COOPER.

They had the following children:
207 i. Debra Marie (1976-)
208 ii. Daniel Neeve James (1979-)

117. Janet Neeve FLATT. Born in 1954.

Janet Neeve first married Mark MOORE.

Janet Neeve second married Fafa KABI. They were divorced.

She third did not marry Gary BURGE.

They had one child:
209 i. Jacqeline Neeve (1992-)

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