Fourth Generation

Family of Henry Edmund KNIGHT Sir (12) & Elizabeth MANNING

15. Herbert Henry KNIGHT. Born on 16 Jan 1865. Herbert Henry died in Sandbanks Court, Bournmouth, England @ 3am on 7 Nov 1948; he was 83. Occupation: Architect. Religion: C of E.

Herbert Henry was an architect & a member of the City of London Goldsmiths Guild and a Ward of Cripplegate. He lived at 42 Hill St W1 and Appletree Court, Lyndhurst. He owned all the New Forrest ponys which he gifted tothe nation. They are now protected.

On 14 Feb 1889 when Herbert Henry was 24, he first married Florence Annie Elizabeth WHYMAN, in Sunbury Church, Rev Morris Fulller. Born on 15 Dec 1864. Florence Annie Elizabeth died in Lymington Cottage Hospital, England @2.45am on 2 May 1935; she was 70.

They had the following children:
26 i. Herbert Henry Vaughan (1889-1971)
27 ii. Graham Wheatley Royce (1891-1961)
28 iii. Leslie Aitkin Wingham (1893-1961)
29 iv. Gladys Lydia Florence (1894-1953)
30 v. Vera Evelyn Ivy (1896-?)
31 vi. Iris Madge Rita (1897-1985)
32 vii. Violet Elen Muriel (1900-1977)

Herbert Henry second married Elsie Mary ?. Born in 1845. Elsie Mary died in 1928; she was 83.

16. Edith KNIGHT.

Edith married Richard Stafford CHARLES. Born in 1862. Richard Stafford died on 30 May 1938; he was 76. Buried on 2 Jun 1938 in Parish church Chenies.

Woodside House, Chennies, Bucks
and Pinners Hall

17. Henry Manning KNIGHT. Born in 1855.

Still living 1892
Wife and children not known

18. Elizabeth Katherine Sarah KNIGHT. Born in 1856.

Still living 1861 Wife and children not known

19. Frederic John KNIGHT. Born in 1857.

Still living 1861 Wife and children not known

20. William Edwin Egerton KNIGHT. Born in 1858.

Wife and children not known

21. Florence May KNIGHT. Born in 1861.

Still living 1871
Husband and children not known

22. Ada Louise KNIGHT. Born in 1862.

In 1883 when Ada Louise was 21, she married Albert John AITKINS.

23. Edith Annie KNIGHT. Born in 1866.

Still living 1871
Husband and children not known

24. Sidney Mortimer KNIGHT. Born in 1869. Sidney Mortimer died in 1940; he was 71.

Wife and children not known

25. Charles Stafford KNIGHT. Born in 1870.

Still living 1881
Wife and children not known

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