Sixth Generation (Continued)

Family of George Evelyn FLATT (34) & Virginia (Vene) CUTHBERTSON

62. Lionel (Lyle) Bertram Evelyn FLATT. Born on 13 Aug 1907. Education: Lyle went to grammar school in Hull.

At 16 Lyle went to work for a firm in the City on the Stck Exchange. He lived in Scarborough in the mid 20's and flew for the first time in 1926 in a Avro biplane. Joind the RAF the day war broke out. He married Helen at the end of the war (1945) and lived in Chard at the time. They went to live in South Africa (1947). They had no money and Helen was not happy there so they returned to England in 1948 He retired from the air force in 1961.

Lionel (Lyle) Bertram Evelyn first married Bobby ?.

Lionel (Lyle) Bertram Evelyn second married Helen PARKINSON, daughter of Charles PARKINSON & Margaret GAY. Born on 20 Jun 1919. Helen died on 7 Feb 1964; she was 44.

They had the following children:
113 i. Margaret Helen Evelyn (1947-)
114 ii. George Charles Evelyn (Steve) (1954-)

Lyle and Helen married at the end of the war around 1945. They were living in Chard at the time

63. Densis Austen Evelyn FLATT. Born on 20 Jul 1910. Densis Austen Evelyn died in 1998; he was 87.

64. Ivor Cuthbert Evelyn FLATT. Born on 25 Jul 1913.

65. George Hedley Evelyn (Bob) FLATT. Born on 10 Dec 1918.

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