Sixth Generation (Continued)

Family of Eveline Maude FLATT (38) & Eric Walter GROGONO Dr

74. Eric Bernard GROGONO. Born on 1 Jul 1909 in Stratford, London. Occupation: Doctor of medicine. Religion: C of E.

Eric Bernard married Claire JOLLY.

They had the following children:
140 i. Alan Walter (1936-)
141 ii. James Lyon (1937-)
142 iii. Andrew (1942-)

75. Keith Leslie GROGONO (KEITH). Born on 4 Nov 1912 in Stratford, London. Keith Leslie died in Truro, Cornwall. on 22 Mar 1999; he was 86. Occupation: Doctor of medicine. Religion: C of E.

Name change to KEITH by deed poll in 1939

In Sep 1937 when Keith Leslie was 24, he married Molly PRESTON, daughter of Dr ? PRESTON & ? ?, in Abingdon, Oxford.

They had the following children:
143 i. Richard (1938-)
144 ii. Colin Bennet (1940-)
145 iii. Caroline (1943-)
146 iv. Melwyn (1945-)

76. Roy Derek GROGONO. Born in 1914. Roy Derek died in 1929; he was 15.

77. Noel Desmond GROGONO. Born on 27 Dec 1919 in Stratford. London. Occupation: Civil Engineer. Religion: C of E.

Noel served in the Royal Air force (Mentioned in Dispatches) in world war two. His wife Moira was the Great grandaughter of William Gladstone, Prime Minister of England. History relates that He and Queen Victoria did not get on very well!

In Sep 1942 when Noel Desmond was 22, he married Moira GLADSTONE, in Woodford Green, Essex.

Great grand daughter of William Gladstone, Prime Minister of England.

They had the following children:
147 i. Peter (1944-)
148 ii. Roger (1950-)
149 iii. Katherine (1956-)

78. Eveline Beryl GROGONO. Born on 3 Jul 1922 in Eastham London. Christened in London. Occupation: State Registered Nurse. Education: Bushy. Religion: Anglican.

Eveline (Evie) Served as an army nurse in WW2 and was one of the first women to land in Normandy. Later served in India and on Hospital ships. Met her husband, Nigel, in Aldeburgh, Suffolk in 1947 sailing Lapwing class dingys.

On 11 Feb 1950 when Eveline Beryl was 27, she married David Nigel Wingham KNIGHT, son of Leslie Aitkin Wingham KNIGHT & Gwendoline Winifred Courthope BOAS, in Holy Trinity Church, Kingsway, London. Born on 24 Nov 1925 in Worcester,England. Christened in Worcester. Occupation: Draughtsman, Businessman. Education: Temple Grove, Repton, Doon School (Dera Dun India). Religion: Anglican.

Nigel served in the Royal Indian Navy in WW2 on the Burma & Arakan Coast. He was in command of a Fairmile at the age of 16 having run away from school and joined the navy at the age of 15. Part of the Allied contingent that took over the surrender of Singapore from the Japanese.
Emigrated to NZ in 1955 & was deeply involved in the Computer & Jewelry trades. Sailed accross the Pacific on smallboats on several occaisions as a navigator.

They had the following children:
150 i. Robert Ian Wingham (1950-)
151 ii. Leslie Eric (1952-)

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