First Generation

1. George SOULLE. Born in 1590. George died in 1680; he was 90.

George was believed to have been a friend of Miles Standish and was pursuaded to join the Mayflower group just before sailing Mary his English sweetheart followed him on a later ship. He brought a library over from England which was the best in America at that time. He was very scholarly. The house was very crude and often the family of 10 went to bed hungry. His will dated 1677 and an inventory of his estate was taken in 1679. Mary died in 1677. The only memorial of this family is a gourd shell in the Hall in Plymouth which belonged to George.

In 1622 when George was 32, he married Mary BECKETT, in Plymouth USA.

They had one child:
2 i. John (1623-1707)


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