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The Auckland Boat Show is now behind us and I was delighted to see many of you there. The response we got can only be described as overwhelming. Remarks such as ".....what a beautiful boat..." and "...the only real boat here...", were heard over and over again.

"Dolly", (named after the cloned sheep and a well known designers comment that the hull was "big chested"), has had a brief time in the water and fullfilled all our expectations.

As expected, she floated very high and in suprisingly good fore and aft trim. The photo shows her with full fuel and water tanks and about four hundred kgs. of lead which is ideally located in the bilges in the centre of the boat. The black boot topping stripe is the tape line that I stuck on at the begining of the show. Performance is very much as expected with a speed of about eight knots being provided at two thirds engine revs.

To this end, "Dolly" will be in Auckland next month and I have arranged to use the Panmure Yacht and Boating Club facilities at Kings Rd. Panmure, on Sunday 12th July from 10am for demonstration purposes.

Paul Pownie from Transmission and Diesels, the Lombardini agents, will be in attendance to answer any questions you may have about the engine and its installation.

Please accept this as your invitation to come and have a ride. A pleasant suprise has been the interest from overseas. I had always thought of the Logan 33 as something very Kiwi, but we already have enquiries and orders from as far afield as England, Hong Kong and Perth. Production is now underway with the first deliveries of fully fitted vessels later this year