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The Skagway Train.

In Skagway the ship docked beside the railway. We walked across and rode the train up the old Gold Rush trail and entered Canada, just! We didn't disembark, show passports, change currency, or shop. A marker beside the isolated railway line was the only sign that we had crossed a border. On the way we passed a magnificent example of early engineering - the bridge over the gorge - now replaced with a tunnel higher up.

Sitka and All Terrain Vehicles

Next day we took a boat from Sitca Harbor to a remote island where we drove an All Terrain Vehicle through the rain forest to theblack-sand beach for a picnic lunch.

Hubbard Glacier.

As the ship sailed up to Whittier, we made a detour to the magnificent Hubbard glacier where the captain slowly spun the ship several times so that we could all get a view and some photographs.

Galley Tour, and Magician.

On the last afternoon on board we were taken on a tour of the bridge and the galley The Australian Executive Chef, Quinn, took us on a tour of his empire and gave us some insight into the complexitiy of catering for 1100 people in eight kitchens when you are only intermittently able to replenish supplies.

Fianlly we spent one more happy hour watching Mio, the ship's resident magician perform tricks only a foot or two away from our eyes. No matter how often we watched him, we were no closer to undertanding how he worked his wonders.


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