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The links below provide access to various family websites.

Website Description Address
Acid-Base Balance - a Tutorial A busy educational website hosted by the Anesthesiology Department at Tulane University School of Medicine
Animated Knot Tying Animated demonstrations of how to tie knots used for sailing, climbing, fishing, scouting, etc.
Animated Napkin Folding Animated demonstrations of how to fold table napkins.
Anesthesiology Recruitment &
    Numbers Training & Graduating
Provides hitorical data and trends in the numbers of residents recruited and in training. Here
Grog LLC The Company website for Grog LLC with a link to our Navigation Lights Tutorial and Unicode Table.
GrogWare David Grogono's cross-platform consulting services and software.
Health Measurement Index
    (part of this site)
One of the earliest systems for measuring health is the Grogono/Woodgate Index for Measuring Health. Copies are available for downloading. Here
Pan-Magic Squares
    (part of this site)
Summarizes a technique for analyzing and creating pan-magic squares Here
Passport Photo Studio David Grogono's quality passport photos at home website.
Use a picture you like for a passport photo you'll like.
Stereo Art
    (part of this site)
A collection of displays which form three dimensional stereo images when viewed correctly. Here

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